Gitte Winter Graugaard

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guide children to navigate from their hearts 

“When I was a little girl, my father would read magical fairytales to me. As he read he made the characters come alive, and they would fly into my bedroom and invite me on adventures with princesses, dragons, castles, trolls and wizards. Living with imaginary characters and making them come alive has inspired me in so many ways.

Later as I started reading on my own, my joy of books made me take a job at the school library. I would drag a finger over the back of the books of my favorite authors and dream that one day I too could become a writer and open up imaginary worlds for children to find joy in.

Many years later the dream of writing a book for children came back to me in the most magical way. As I began writing I realized that the worlds I was passionate about opening up for children were their inner worlds. In my authorship I take kids on an inner treasure hunt to find their compass in their heart and learn to navigate their inner landscape to find joy in life.